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The Magic of Plein Air Color Studies 

IN PERSON. July 23-24, 2022. 

Offered in conjunction with Driggs Plein Air Festival in Driggs, Idaho.

Playing with color is one of the surest ways to enjoy yourself, and to learn. The happiest your brain can be is when you’re “in the zone,” making up your own rules, and being truly engaged in the activity. Making color studies on location means that we back off the subject matter a little and see what’s possible within our chosen palette. Just writing this out makes me excited for this workshop! We’ll try a variety of palette combinations. I’ll show you some ways to expand your seeing (because if you see differently, naturally you’ll paint differently). The topic of color studies is meant as a welcome mat to learn what you can learn, not as a limit—sometimes a color study naturally reaches “finish.” 

$300. Complete information, materials list, and registration at Driggs Plein Air. 

For the Love of Painting

This demonstration series offered by Acrylic University showcases the work of Aimee Erickson and four other painters, all working in acrylic. Aimee demonstrates how to address the dual nature of transparent objects--things that are there and also you see straight through them! This series is released one demo at a time over five weeks in July, offering inspiration for your summer painting endeavors. Complete information and registration at Acrylic University--click here for discounted pricing.  

The Backlit Still Life: extended study

Starting September 2022 the Backlit Still Life will be offered in a 3 part series, allowing us to slow down and spend more time with color, paint handling, value patterns, arrangement of objects, and special effects of light.  Coming soon at Winslow Art Center. 

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Aimee Erickson Studio Youtube channel



Available to watch online on the Aimee Erickson Artist facebook page.

Did you miss YOU GLOW GIRL at the Plein Air Convention? LPAPA Signature Member Aimee Erickson recorded a video demonstration recapping the principles of how to make stuff glow.

Other classes 

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iPhone Skills and Tools for Painters

All the things your iPhone can do to support your painting practice, from taking better photographs to editing them and photographing finished artwork. Includes PDF with all the info. 

(not currently listed)