In Plein Air Techniques for Artists, award-winning artist and respected workshop instructor Aimee Erickson demystifies how to capture a variety of light effects and guides you in strengthening your plein air skills through practice.

Featuring exceptional still lifes, figures, and landscapes by fifty other noted artists working in a range of mediums, Plein Air Techniques for Artists gives artists at all levels of experience the guidance they need to grow as plein air painters.

“It’s terrific!” --May K.

“My heart is opening up. It’s like learning about life and about yourself through painting.” --F. McDonald

“Inspirational.” --Amy H., student

“One of the greats. It’ll be on your shelf next to Carlson, Payne, and MacPherson” --B. Eric Rhoads

“I LOVE this book!” --Sue E., student

“Ms. Ericksons book may have the edge in simply and brilliantly explaining color temperature over any other book, video, or discussion I’ve ever seen.” --Simonetta

“...BTW, apropos of nothing, her Acknowledgments section should be a model for all authors, the way it's laid out and written. I actually read every one of her acknowledgments!” --S. Jones

Book Events

ONLINE: ARTFUL MINDS Michael King of the Artful:Minds community recorded an interview with Aimee Erickson. He has particular questions about warm and cool (now demystified) and for the color of the light, "why pink?" Watch here

ONLINE: OPA Lunch & Learn On the wildly popular Lunch & Learn series hosted by Oil Painters of America, Aimee talks about painting, writing, collaboration, and creativity.  

The Lunch & Learn series is one of the benefits of OPA membership. Access here.

ONLINE: ART SCHOOL LIVE with Eric Rhoads  Eric Rhoads, champion of plein air painting and organizer of the Plein Air Convention and Expo, welcomes Aimee who shows us How to Train Your Brain to Understand Design. Aimee uses an age-old black and white technique to teach composition. Watch here.