Classes & Workshops

Color & Design for Painters. 

ONLINE class, meets weekly for nine Thursdays, 9 am to 11:30 am Pacific time, November 30, 2023 through January 25, 2024.

Introductory session with review of materials and technology will be held on Thursday, November 16 at 9 am Pacific time. All sessions will be recorded and available to students.

We will unfold the principles introduced in Plein Air Techniques for Artists, using landscape or still life as a motif. The class format will include a mix of inspiring recorded demos, live demos as needed, assessment of students' work, and in-class painting exercises. Please buy the book if you don't have it already. Serious fun as we approach and pass the solstice. Use the opaque painting medium of your choice (oil, acrylic, gouache, or casein); most demos will be in oil. Register in the shop.

Materials list

Shenandoah Oil Painting Workshop


IN PERSON, Shenandoah, Texas, November 5-9 2023

Demonstrations, one on one instruction and feedback, and group critique from both instructors. 


The Backlit Still Life

ONLINE. Mondays, September 4 - 25, 2023. 9-11:30 am Pacific time. 

In backlighting, the light source is behind the object (read: in your eyes). 

Register at the Winslow Art Center website. 

Think Like a Painter: Still Life/Portrait Workshop

IN PERSON. Scottsdale Artists' School, April 29 - May 2, 2024

In nature, light reveals color. In painting, color reveals light. Learning to understand lighting phenomena gives us more freedom in choosing how we paint what we see, rather than having to look to nature for every decision. We are concerned with realism and abstraction. How can we make imperfect paintings that are intriguing and compelling? Still life and portraiture both provide a reason to set up figure/ground challenges so we can paint to learn. In this class you can choose to paint either one. Paintings start and end with an idea, and the process can take many different forms. The brush is loaded with accumulated knowledge. In this workshop, you’ll be presented with approaches that will change your thinking and invite you to see differently. Start with what you do know, and expand your skills and your comfort zone. Plan on some serious learning in a lighthearted atmosphere! 

Register at the Scottsdale Artists' School website. 

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day--and the brush!

IN PERSON. Nashville, Tennessee. May 14-17, 2024

This is a four day paint-from-life workshop in the studio. We will have still life setups and a model to allow us to approach the eternal questions of color, value, composition, figure-ground relationships, and what makes brushwork beautiful. What is it you see in something that inspires you to paint it? An awareness of your inspiration can guide the decisions you make as you paint. There will be demos and individual instruction. Set up to paint when you arrive--the first morning, there'll be a series of brief demos alternating with painting practice. Later on there will be extended painting sessions to make time to get into development of a painting. 

Register on the Warehouse 521 website. 

Aimee Erickson's Mini Painting Challenge

ONLINE via Acrylic University. Start anytime!

Paint along with Aimee via recorded demos every week for a year. Each week a new demo video will drop for you to watch and paint along in your own studio. Join the fun and get weekly inspiration. 

Register at Acrylic University.

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Aimee Erickson Studio Youtube channel



Available to watch online on the Aimee Erickson Artist facebook page.

Did you miss YOU GLOW GIRL at the Plein Air Convention? LPAPA Signature Member Aimee Erickson recorded a video demonstration recapping the principles of how to make stuff glow.